This totally private stretch of beach extends for almost 1km. It starts with a large cove directly in front of the house with a shallow incline into the sea for approximately 200m of soft sand which makes this an ideal swimming area. The cove is separated by the rock formation which has the wooden platform mounted upon it. To the right of the platform is a long straight stretch of untouched beach with sand pebbles, rocks and shells. Amongst the beach there is a natural creak which in the rainy season flows with spring water straight to the mountains in front of the house.

This stretch is perfect for honeymoon couples or couples who simply are in love and like to stroll along their own beach hand in hand. Or if you are in a group, it would be an ideal place to have a beach party or picnic. At the end of this stretch there is another formation of rocks where you can discover yet another smaller secluded cove which is very peaceful.