1. When is the best time to go according to the weather seasons?


The Philippines is hot all year round with three seasons;

Summer season - March - June (very hot)

Rainy season - Mid June - October (heavy rain, but still hot with sunshine)

Winter season - November - February (one of the best times to go as it is dry and hot but there is also a gentle breeze to cool you down, however it can be windy.)

2.    Is it safe?


Yes. The people are very friendly and we have 24-hour security to make you feel comfortable and more secure.

3.    How do we travel around?


We advise that you hire a car or a minibus which comes with a driver and remains on standby for 24 hours. This is easy for us to arrange and is also very cheap. The only extra thing you shall have to pay is the fuel which is also very cheap. The driver can fetch you from the airport if you would want it and it could be arranged beforehand.

4.    What about food and drink?


You have two choices…either you can go into town by your driving taking you to the local market and shopping mall to but your own food and drink. Or you can advise our staff on what you eat and drink and we can provide it and charge accordingly. Either way our housekeeper is a very friendly and good cook and will cook your meals as you prefer. However if you want to cook yourself, you can do and our housekeeper will simply assist you to help. We also have a selection of drinks which can be purchased at local rates and can be paid at the end of each day.

5.     Is the water safe to drink?


As like everywhere abroad it is advisable to drink bottled water although the water in the taps and shower all go through a water cleaning system so it is safe to clean your teeth etc. There is a drinking water tap in the kitchen and we also have a hot and cold water dispenser in the lounge free of charge. It is advisable to drink lots of water in hot climates to prevent dehydration.